Hey, I’m Ashlea, nice to meet you.

I’m so glad you’ve found your way to my blog, I hope you stay a while.

In my twenty years of existence, I have a record of giving my friends handwritten letters explaining the reasons why I think they are incredible humans. I’ve put them in birthday cards, posted one to a best friend who lives a hundred miles away and handed one out at prom that I had promised months in advance. But despite the one hiccup that caused way too much drama, I have continued to write letters and I hope I never stop.

I actually started my blog as a creative outlet for my 9-5 working self. After years of studying media, photography and drama, I wasn’t exactly used to working full time in an office. I needed a project; something to keep me busy, satisfied and a place to document this young and interesting mind of mine that I understand will be forever changing. So I guess that is where the story of Always, Ashlea begins.

I don’t know where I’m going on this unpredictable road of life, but I hope you come with me. We’ll talk soon!

Always, Ashlea


Oh, a P.S. Now that we are officially friends, I feel like you should know a few things about me first. (And isn’t that what an About page is actually all about?)

  1. I am a perfectionist, an over-thinker, a daydreamer, an aesthete and an optimist.
  2. My favourite season is Autumn. (Nothing beats cosy scarves, hot tea, books & fireplaces)
  3. Cats are my spirit animal.
  4. I taught myself how to play guitar at age 15 and have written songs.
  5. I am a believer of fate & destiny.
  6. If I could be anywhere right now, it would be New York City.
  7. Rosé, any day!
  8. Writing is my therapy.
  9. Obsessed with photography and polaroid pictures.
  10. Lights in the dark is the most beautiful thing (like fairy lights or city lights)
  11. Daises & roses make me happy.
  12. My star sign is cancer.
  13. I have every Taylor Swift lyric engrained in my mind & Fearless is my favourite album.
  14. Lipstick is my go-to beauty product.
  15. ‘She is sugar, curiosity, and rain’
  16. My most played song on iTunes is ‘Hey You – Boys Like Girls’.
  17. Deep conversations at night is always a thing that happens with me.
  18. If there is one movie I can (and actually do) quote from start to finish it is Harry Potter & the Philosophers Stone
  19. I painted my bedroom with my best friend & have a huge interest in interior design.
  20. Cool fact: I’m a twin.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Okay a few things.
    1. I love this about me the best probably.
    2. I love the idea of your blog. Just LOVE it. I love getting letters and handmade cards filled with paragraphs written in it, so that you can cosy up and read. Its just beautiful. And at the same time I love making them. Why shouldn’t people you love go through the same experience, right?
    3. I love you writing style.
    4. As I mentioned yesterday, Your blog is pretty. So pretty.
    5. And I am pretty sure I have more things to say, but I can’t remember right now. So, next time?
    Love. :’)

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